Innovative Approach to Measure the Digital World

Driven by large scale audience. Calibrated by machine learning and AI.

Exploded with digital marketing insights.


Real Digital Interactions

Millions of people are passively measured over Desktop, Mobile and Tablet devices, providing unseen digital coverage of real online interactions and digital engagements. Our advanced measurement technology identifies the right content at the right time on websites, apps, videos, social platforms and device interactions to capture the most accurate marketing intelligence data in the world.

Data Methodology

Advanced Data Science

We use statistical modeling to qualify and benchmark the data to make sure it is highly representitive of the markets and online user population we measure. We harmonize the data with 3rd party data sources to better calibrate statistical deviations and achieve plurality of data points. The data we collect is validated, audited and normalized using big data processing infrastructure to support the growing marketing insight needs and global coverage of our services.

Content Curation

Machine Vision and AI

The online environment is constantly changing and evolving rapidly with new content, formats, technologies and visuals. Our properitary machine vision and content curation algorithms are driven by AI to automatically identify the relevant contnet. We move together with the industry, and support continous data extraction as it changes and evolves at all times, in all devices and platforms.


Patented Technology

Our properitary patented technology is our core asset. For over 10 years we have been planning and developing innovative technologies to the digital market research industry. Our team of professionals includes big data wizards, AI and machine learning experts, data science experts and information security professionals which come together to bring a new era in digital market research and audience measurement.

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