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Millions measured daily. Billions of online transactions.

Don’t settle for outdated research technology when you can tap on the most complete view of the digital consumer. BIScience sets a new bar and provides the deepest digital intelligence to market research companies, brands, publishers, retailers, and investment professionals


Next Generation
Audience Analytics

harnessing user-centric data to bring new insights into the online marketing industry and audience analytics  

Consumer Behaviors

Get access into billions of online browsing transactions, product searches and buyer journey data driven by our growing 15 million global opt-in panel

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Digital Ad Intelligence

Most comprehensive cross-device, cross-channel, digital advertising solution including Programmatic advertising, Display, Social and Video

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Online Brand Monitoring

Track and monitor article mentions, news and blog coverage for brands and products over earned, owned and sponsored media globally

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Purchase Data

eCommerce Purchase Data collected in real time from our 15 million opt-in panel over top 50 eCommerce platforms

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Innovation at Scale

Driven by Human & Virtual Panels

We passively collect and measure online behavioral activities with our 10 million cross-device opt-in human panel in 60 geographies worldwide. Combined with our proprietary, patented Virtual Panel technology, our hybrid data collection methodology brings unseen coverage and transparency into the digital marketing research industry supporting extensive insight stack which is used by hundreds of clients including Fortune 500 companies

Global Coverage

Digital Intelligence Measurement

PC, Mac, iOS and Android Devices

60 markets in US, Europe, APAC & LATAM

Social Platforms, eCommerce and OTT

GDPR and CCPA Compliant

You’re In Good Company

Why BIScience

Innovative Research Cloud
Welcome to New Era in Market Research

BIScience’s platform is a robust global operation with a scalable big data platform that collects and crunches over 4.5 petabyte of data on monthly basis in over 40 geographies. We use advanced machine learning algorithms and AI to harmonize the data and turn it into tactical and strategic insights that impact the day to day decision making of fortune 500 companies

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We believe that market intelligence solutions should not be a luxury service available only for large budgets. For this, we are offering starter packages for anyone who wants to experience the power of data at scale