Digital Consumer Behaviors

Digital user behavior measurement boasted by millions of opt-in panelists in 40 global markets

Everything That Happens Digitally

From websites, eCommerce, keyword searches, video streaming services, and mobile apps, Clickstream OS collects every digital interaction the user performs on its device anonymously at a global scale

5 Million +

Active panelists globally and growing

40 Global Markets

Americas, Europe, APAC and Oceania


3 Petabyte

Clickstream data collected monthly

13 Months

Average retention time of panelists

250 Million

Online user events per day

2 Million

eCommerce product searches daily


10 Million

Keyword searches recorded daily

400 Million

Unique domains tracked daily

GDPR Compliant

Our opt-in panel on-boarding process is GDPR and CCPA compliant, employing highest measures of the regulations and compatible with Google, Apple, and Mozilla app store policies.

Driven by AI

Our Big Data crunching engine process hundreds of Terabytes of data daily, providing the most advanced user-centric data analytics at scale

Supporting All Devices

Multiple devices and OS versions are supported, including Android, iOS, PC, Mac and Tablets

Achieve Your Goals

Get the data you need whenever you need it. We support custom data feed delivery at the cadence of your choice. Raw or aggregated, daily or monthly, we got you covered!

Millions of Behavioral Profiles

Our unique panel distribution methodology is enhanced with AI models to cover millions of behavioral segments and user demographics, enabling our audience to be as diverse as possible. Market representation is our core asset, combined with unique data collection technology and data modeling methodology

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