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BIScience is a business intelligence solution provider for the online media industry.

Our solutions serve media buyers, sales managers, affiliates and internet professionals with a stake in online media and advertising. Our portfolio of competitive intelligence solutions provides valuable insight that enhances our clients’ marketing operations over ad display, search, social media, affiliate marketing and mobile channels.

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Join 7,000 professionals and drive       ROI with our Enterprise Competitive Intelligence Suite in 120+ geographies


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AdClarity Toolbar

Power up your browser with AdClarity Media Intelligence Toolbar, bringing real-time advertising intelligence to a whole new level.


Surf from 120+ geographical locations and get the local perspective on any website.

GeoSurf Toolbar

Surf the fastest,  most secure and reliable premium proxy network in the world directly on your browser.

GeoSurf Mobile

Check out mobile content and apps on iPhone and Android devices from 120+ geographical locations.

GeoSurf VPN

Change your computer's IP to a local one in 120+ locations to experience desktop applications that serve geotargeted ads and content.

GeoSurf API

Connect via API to allow operation of automated web scrapers for downloading geo-targeted content.

In the

What's possbile with BIScience's product suite?

Competitive Edge

Discover your competitors’ most successful traffic sources and ads in targeted geographies.

Verify Funnels

Ensure geo-targeted landing pages and funnels work correctly.

Full Transparency

Uncover the connections between advertisers, ad networks and publishers and get exposure to all of their online advertising activity.

Competitive Research

Discover who is bidding on your traffic sources in each location and learn about their offers and creative design.

API Integration

Connect your software to our platfrom of 120+ worldwide gateways to scrap geo-targeted content.

Multi Device Solution

Work with GeoSurf via browser add-on, desktop VPN or mobile VPN compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.

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AdClarity Analytics

Get a complete picture of the entire display advertising ecosystem of any website, brand, ad campaign or ad network.

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