Your Private Panel Cloud

Next generation digital panel metering platform

All Devices

Windows, Mac, Android and iOS including tablet devices

Low Footprint

On the devices maintaining user experience untouched

Infinite Scalability

No limit on number of panelists, markets, devices with complete redundancy

Harness The Power of Real-Time Panel Metering

PanelOS is an innovative panel metering technology offered for market research companies and panel owners. Using the platform, panel owners can completely outsource their entire panel infrastructure to a private panel cloud while onboarding PanelOS app or SDK across all devices, including Desktop, Mobile, and Tablets.

Compliant With GDPR and App Store Guidelines

Innovation at Scale

Using machine vision and AI algorithms we collect and analyze relevant data points and
information engaged by panelists and support custom data collection for your needs

Panel OS

Your next leap into next generation digital cross-device panel metering cloud